3/21 — Yankee Fisherman No. 4

3/21 — Yankee Fisherman No. 4

3/21 — Yankee Fisherman No. 4

Adam Franceschini of West Branch Angler, Hancock, N.Y., brings Yankee Fisherman listeners up to speed on preparations for opening day in the Empire State as he prepares to guide on the Upper Delaware River system. Adam also previews Hell or High Water, a fly fishing festival with films, events and local brews.

Then Leon Sylvester gets us ready for the return of striped bass to Connecticut’s shoreline and rivers, specifically the Housatonic. Leon has begun doing underwater filming of stripers, visible on his You Tube page. Under the Housatonic shows stripers stacked as they ride out the winter upstream.

Those who want to learn about angling, or think they may want to try it before sinking hundreds of dollars into gear, might way to try the Fly Fishing 101 classes offered by Orvis. Morgan Ewing, manager of the Darien store, describes the free lessons and the follow-up available in Fly Fishing 201.


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