3D Digital: Here and Now

3D Digital: Here and Now

3D Digital: Here and Now


‘Presidential Medallion’ by Jon Isherwood and John Umphlett, is part of an exhibit exploring art and new technology at the Bennington Museum.

There has been a profound transformation in the way things are made all across the world over the last 15 years. Artists exploiting the potential of new technologies will be featured in ‘3D Digital: Here and Now,’ on view through June 15 at the Bennington Museum. The phenomenon of 3D digital design and fabrication in this area has been driven by research and curriculum at Bennington College, a long-standing history of manufacturing and a strong art community. Their reciprocal influence has expanded Bennington’s capacity to be a center of innovation. Advancements in artmaking, design, engineering and materials have resulted in projects like a sculpture for the US Embassy in Oslo, Norway, and a chair by Giovanni Pagnotta, an icon of contemporary design. A number individuals who started their work in Bennington have gone on to create innovative forms elsewhere: Guvenc Özel helped create concept housing for NASA on Mars with the UCLA Department of Engineering and Material Science; Heather Dewey-Hagborg has created masks from discarded DNA; Karolina Kawiaka has made a  sink based on a topographic map. ‘3D Digital Here and Now’ brings to light the makers and the technology that offers new possibilities: for conceiving and making objects never possible before. “It’s going to be a show like no other at Bennington Museum, bringing together art, design, technology and manufacturing. These are all things that Bennington has been famous for over the years, but not brought together in one exhibition,” states Robert Wolterstorff, executive director of the Museum, located at 75 Main Street. Call 802-447-1571 or visit benningtonmuseum.org.


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