4/4 — Yankee Fisherman No. 6

4/4 — Yankee Fisherman No. 6

4/4 — Yankee Fisherman No. 6

One of the goals of Yankee Fisherman is to get more people out fishing. With that in mind, Alicea Charamut, vice president of the Farmington Valley Chapter of Trout Unlimited and secretary of the Connecticut Council of Trout Unlimited talks about encouraging women to take up angling. Included is information on membership discounts offered nationally by Trout Unlimited through May 31, 2014.

Those who are unemployed, served in the military or are currently serving can get free permits to fish Aquarion Water Company sites. Passes are available, for $25, to the general public. Scott Loecher, who manages the fishing program for Aquarion, talks about the passes, the rules for fishing water company property and the opportunities to land the big one for those who take the time to learn the water there.

Charles Petruccelli, president of Nutmeg TU, updates listeners on efforts to remove invasive Japanese knotweed and restore the banks of the Mill River in Fairfield.


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