A Quirky Classic on Stage

A Quirky Classic on Stage

A Quirky Classic on Stage

The ‘62 Center for Theatre and Dance Center Series’ second presentation in the 13/14 season is the Tiger Lillies, in ‘The Rime of the Ancient Mariner.’ The Tiger Lillies, a three-piece band formed in 1989 and based in London, is most well known for their award-winning ‘Shockheaded Peter.’ Defying any singular description, their surreal musical style is something of a mix between opera, gypsy punk and old Paris. Masters of dark humor, their music plays in the intersection between offensive and delightful. It has been called macabre, darkly humorous, perversely beautiful and impossible to pigeonhole.

On October 24 at 8, they will be performing ‘The Rime of the Ancient Mariner,’ in collaboration with visual artist Mark Holthusen, for a fresh perspective on Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s classic. Multimedia staging shifts song to song to create a production somewhere between a film and a concert. Multi-screen, projected animation video and other stage tricks create a unique musical experience as quirky and unexpected as the Tiger Lillies themselves. A question and answer session with Mark Holthusen, moderated by Professor of Art, Liza Johnson, will follow.

‘62 Center’s MainStage is located at 1000 Main Street, in Williamstown, Mass. For tickets, visit the Box Office Tuesday through Saturday, 1 to 5, or call 413-597-2425. For information, visit 62center.williams.edu .


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