AARP Safe Driver Course Scheduled for Winhall

AARP Safe Driver Course Scheduled for Winhall

AARP Safe Driver Course Scheduled for Winhall

On Thursday, October 24, starting at 5 and lasting until around 9, the American Association of Retired People (AARP) will be holding its Safe Driver course at the Winhall Town Offices on Route 30, across the road from the Mountain School in Winhall, Vt.

While the course is geared for persons age 50 and older, any age may attend. For AARP members, the fee is $12; for non-members, it is $14. This is a four-hour course; refreshments and drinks will be served during the two breaks.

Cars and traffic rules have changed over the years. You, the driver, have changed, too. Imagine that your steering wheel is the face of a clock, where on the wheel should your hands be positioned while driving? How much room should there be between your chest and steering wheel? When driving how much distance should you keep between your car and the one in front of you? At what age does vision start to change in ways that affect driving? How important is hearing when driving?

While the course is educational, and geared toward updating your driving skills and keeping you safely on the road and behind the steering wheel for many years to come, in some instances, your insurance company may offer you a discount for having taken the course – an added bonus.

To learn the answers to the above questions and many others, sign up for the AARP Safe Driver course by calling Estelle at 802-375-4831; be sure to leave a clear message with your name and phone number. Register early, as space at the Winhall Town Offices is limited to 10 participants.


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