BBA Teacher Wins Grant for Research

BBA Teacher Wins Grant for Research

BBA Teacher Wins Grant for Research

BBA teacher Lauren Silver recently received an award from the David Bigelow Fund for Excellence, established in 1998 in memory of distinguished alumnus and devoted trustee Dave Bigelow ‘49. The award provides selected teaching faculty of the school with the financial resources necessary to further their professional development in a profound way. It will allow Silver to visit schools  around the world that have incorporated a Global Citizens Program into their curriculum. Silver’s desire is to help bring a Global Citizenship Program to Burr and Burton Academy. Having traveled widely herself and having taken BBA students on multiple international trips over the years, she knows full well of the impact and benefit of travel. Her goal is to help enlarge student understanding of what it means to be citizens – not only of the school community but of an interdependent world – through an increased emphasis on a global education. She thinks a global curriculum would reflect our belief that today’s students must be fully conversant with other peoples, cultures and languages. This initiative would complement the existing Rowland Scholarship Fund for student travel and the many Global Studies classes, programs and opportunities that already exist at the school.

She will begin by traveling to The Netherlands to visit the high school UWC (United World College) in Maastricht to gather information and get ideas. UWC delivers a challenging and transformative educational experience to a diverse cross-section of students, inspiring them to create a more peaceful and sustainable future. Silver will also visit the Leiden University College The Hague, (LUC) an international honors college of Leiden University where students from all over the world engage in socially and globally responsible education, and attend a two-day Summit Leadership Conference in The Hague to gain valuable insight into the challenges surrounding human rights issues around the globe.

“The ultimate goal of a Global Citizenship Program would be to promote global competence, a key 21st century skill, to be open to all Burr and Burton students,” says Silver. “Through interdisciplinary academic study, community service, international travel and a capstone project, participants could increase their global awareness, heighten their appreciation of diversity and enlarge their capacity to work and contribute in an increasingly interconnected world.”


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