Being Prepared is Key to Handling Emergency Situations

Being Prepared is Key to Handling Emergency Situations

Being Prepared is Key to Handling Emergency Situations

We’re only half way through 2018, and so far, Vermont has experienced blizzards, heavy rain and extreme heat – along with some spectacular weather. But no matter what Mother Nature throws our way, there is one constant in all of it; being prepared can make all the difference. With the largely rural nature of this beautiful and mountainous state, preparing for an emergency is not just good practice, it can be life-saving. Whether it is a disease outbreak or a weather emergency, you and your family should have a plan.

Do you know where your flashlight and extra batteries are located? Do you have a way to stay in contact when you can’t charge your cell phone? Do you have a list of everyone’s medications? Having a plan in place will prepare you and your family for any emergency. Prepare now for what to do in a given situation later on – whether it be flooding, an ice storm, a power outage, flu pandemic or disease outbreak – and be sure that household members know what to do.

Steps to take right now include assembling a Go-Kit. It should include water, food for three days, battery-operated radio, flashlight and batteries, first aid supplies, cell phones with chargers and charger packs, local maps, clothes and personal items, IDs, insurance policies, garbage bags, towels, blankets, jumper cables and pet needs. You can visit to learn more. Stay informed by registering with the Vermont Alert System at to receive emergency notifications. Help your community prepare. From trained medical professionals who respond daily to citizen volunteers who step up during natural disasters, Vermonters like you make all the difference in our communities’ health, safety and preparedness. To learn more, go to or call your local Medical Reserve Corps at 802-447-6401.


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