‘Bennington Made’ Named Top Five Finalist for National Award

‘Bennington Made’ Named Top Five Finalist for National Award

‘Bennington Made’ Named Top Five Finalist for National Award

Bennington Made, a local series developed by the Bennington Area Chamber of Commerce and CAT-TV, was named as a Top Five finalist in the third annual Chamber Innovation Award Competition. It will be featured alongside the other four finalists in the 2016 edition of ‘Chambers of Inspiration,’ scheduled for release this fall.

The Bennington Made entry titled, ‘Lights, Camera, Bennington’ describes the innovative series, which aims to shine a spotlight on local business. Similar in format to Discovery Science’s ‘How It’s Made’ and ABC News’ ‘Made in America,’ the production brings great opportunity to member businesses, who benefit from the exposure and receive the professional footage for use in their own marketing efforts. The best part? It’s free! The Chamber uses the program and videos to draw visitors, other businesses and workers to the area.

“The award competition is through our chamber relationship management software company, ChamberMaster,” describes Bennington Chamber executive director and brainchild of the program, Matt Harrington. “We applied a few months ago, thinking, what the heck, let’s give it a shot!”

The Competition, sponsored by ChamberMaster and launchgen.com, celebrates and showcases enterprising Chambers of Commerce from across North America. Entries are judged on creativity, community impact and value to the Chamber.

“The concept behind ‘Bennington Made’ and why I thought it was worth our entering the competition is because one of our core beliefs at the Chamber is in aligning community-wide collaboration and direct-value resources,” states Harrington. “We think we can dramatically change the game and create a win-win scenario for our Chamber and our members in the next decade with the right types of innovation. It’s no secret we have to work fast and smart to figure out what the Chamber of Commerce should be in the next ten years.  Our ability to combine community talents, resources, ideas and strategy not only helps promote our business members and the Chamber globally, but ‘Bennington Made’ also helps our members understand how to compete in the world of new media. It’s an extremely valuable benefit to being part of the Chamber of Commerce.”


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