Bennington Museum to Hold Closing Reception with Pat Musick

Bennington Museum to Hold Closing Reception with Pat Musick

Bennington Museum to Hold Closing Reception with Pat Musick

Join artist Pat Musick on Thursday, December 20, when the Bennington Museum hosts a closing reception for her retrospective exhibit, ‘Where Did You Come From, Anyway?’ On display are works that demonstrate the progression as Musick’s art develops from two dimensions to her signature wall sculptures. The reception is from 4 to 5 p.m., and is free and open to the public. The exhibition title is based upon a work created in 1985 which is an example of Musick’s first attempts to move away from the wall. The artist says about this work, “The painted wall sculpture is a statement about my roots. My conservative family came from Iowa farmland, a typical American story. But I always felt I was ‘different’. In this work I stand alone on an island, beside a blue cornstalk. Although my feet are firmly rooted in the land, my head is in a pink cloud. The world, both vibrant and dark, swirls around me.”

Included in the exhibit are both large- and small-scale sculptures, as well as two-dimensional art using natural media such as wood, stone, paper and beeswax. A resident of Manchester since 2006, Musick was born in Los Angeles and attended the University of Southern California on an art scholarship. She received an MA and PhD from Cornell University. She has written four books on art, one of which was co-authored by her husband, Jerry Carr, a retired astronaut and now her collaborator. A documentary of their lives will be released in 2019. The working title is ‘The Artist and the Astronaut.’ Bennington Museum is located at 75 Main Street/Route 9 in Bennington. Visit or call 802-447-1571 for more information.


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