Bennington Rotary Scholarships

Bennington Rotary Scholarships

Bennington Rotary Scholarships

The Bennington Rotary Club is offering four $2,000 Scholarships to graduating students in each of the following categories: Technical college or accredited trade school; two-year college; four-year college. The scholarship awarded will be used to reduce your family’s share of college expenses and is not intended to reduce any of the school’s scholarships, grants, loans or work-study awards to you. Any graduating senior from Mount Anthony Union High School, any educational institution in Bennington i.e., home school, Grace Christian School, et al., or any Bennington County resident student, even if enrolled in a school outside the county, is considered eligible. Selection criteria includes the character of the applicant; school and community service; academic record including grades and assurance that the applicant is capable of working on a post-secondary level; and financial need. Sons and daughters of Rotarians will be considered in the same light as other candidates.

The deadline for applications is May 23. Results will be announced on Senior Awards Night, June 11. A letter and/or e-mail message confirming the award will be sent to scholarship recipients after Awards Night. For further information, or if you desire assistance completing the application, contact Jim Thibodeau or your high school counselor. Applications received after the deadline of May 23, 2014 will not be considered.


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