Bird Walks at Hildene Begin 10th Year

Bird Walks at Hildene Begin 10th Year

Bird Walks at Hildene Begin 10th Year

Hildene’s monthly bird survey will be held on Saturday, January 14, meeting at 8 a.m. at the Visitor’s Center. The Vermont Bird Place and Sky Watch has partnered with Hildene since 2007 to conduct the bird walks. In that time, 147 species have been recorded. Notable sightings include black-crowned night heron, two falcon species – merlin and peregrine – and 23 warbler species out of a potential of 30 members of the Parulidae family that breed in or migrate through Vermont. This data has been entered into eBird, an online database of bird observations from around the world providing scientists, researchers and amateur naturalists with real-time data about bird distribution and abundance.  This year marks the 14th anniversary of Vermont eBird, the first state portal for eBird. The bird checklists that have been shared have helped make Vermont eBird the largest citizen science biodiversity project in the state and around the world. Nearly 2,000 Vermont eBirders have submitted 218,869 complete checklists, representing all 385 species of birds ever reported from Vermont. Nearly 11,000 images and over 500 sound recordings have been attached to Vermont checklists. Vermonters join more than one third of a million eBirders worldwide that have submitted 370 million bird sightings, representing 10,313 species from every country in the world! For more information about how to make a contribution to an understanding of the world’s ever-changing avian biodiversity, google Vermont eBird and begin submitting your own data.

The next walk at Hildene will be February 11. The Great Backyard Bird Count will be (February 17 to 20), conducted by Cornell Lab of Ornithology. Go to for information on how to participate. Contact Randy at 802-362-2270 for additional  information.


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