BkC Presentation to Discuss Land Conservation & Water Quality

BkC Presentation to Discuss Land Conservation & Water Quality

BkC Presentation to Discuss Land Conservation & Water Quality


Dr. Chi Ho Sham with Steve Pick, former director at Remsen Water Utility, at the site of an innovative project to reduce nitrate levels in municipal wells.

The Battenkill Conservancy brings Dr. Chi Ho Sham, chief scientist with the Cadmus Group of Waltham, Mass., and an expert in source water protection, to speak at 3 p.m. on Sunday, February 28, at the Elks Club in Greenwich, N.Y. Sham will discuss the value of protecting the water supply at its source and the connection between land conservation, maintaining healthy watersheds and ensuring quality drinking water. As an active member of the American Water Works Association and the current chair of its Water Resource Sustainability Division, Dr. Sham has spearheaded numerous research projects, source water protection courses and workshops. One project that he uses as an example of an innovative and collaborative success story is the relatively small water system in Remsen, Iowa. When high levels of nitrates were discovered in the municipal well, a coordinated effort was mounted to implement a public and private partnership to plant native grasses to reduce the nitrate levels.

Sham was the recipient of the OASIS (Outstanding Achievement, Service and Initiative in Sustainability of Water Resources) Award in 2013 by AWWA, the nation’s largest nonprofit, scientific and educational association dedicated to managing and treating water. As a life-long educator and dedicated scientist, Sham travels the country to speak to hundreds of groups both large and small on the value of source water protection. When he is not mentoring and training the next generation of Cadmus thought leaders, he serves as adjunct professor and is a research fellow at Clark University in Worcester, Mass.

When director Lorraine Merghart Ballard and Board member Dan Bleier of Battenkill Conservancy’s heard Dr. Sham speak at the Hudson River Watershed Alliance’s Conference last October, they decided his message was a strong fit with their organization’s mission of watershed protection and land conservation. Given the unfortunate events that have transpired in both Flint, Michigan and closer to home in Hoosick Falls, the importance of protecting source water supplies has become all the more topical. The presentation is open to the public free of charge. All those interested in learning more about this important topic are encouraged to attend. Visit battenkillconservancy.org or email bkc@battenkillconservancy.org to learn more.


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