Buffer in a Bag Program Offered to Waterside Landowners

Buffer in a Bag Program Offered to Waterside Landowners

Buffer in a Bag Program Offered to Waterside Landowners

The Battenkill Conservancy is working to provide landowners and groups along the Battenkill in both Vermont and New York State, with an all inclusive stream buffer kit that includes trees, shrubs, planting guides and checklists. The Buffer in a Bag contains a special selection of trees and shrubs chosen specifically for improving riparian buffers, streambanks – and ultimately, water quality. Any landowner or group who owns or manages land along the Battenkill or any stream, creek or tributary of the Battenkill is eligible to receive a Buffer in Bag free of charge. Landowners with more than 10 acres of land and 100 feet of streambank are eligible to receive more than one bag. The Buffer in a Bag contains 25 plants specifically geared to be planted along a stream and up to 100 feet upland of the river or stream bank. Each bag contains a mixture of hybrid poplar, streamco willow, red oak, white spruce and pussy willow. Additional support materials include a Planting Layout, Planting & Maintanance Guide and Maintenance Checklist.

The trees and shrubs provided in the bag are meant to be planted within a riparian area (along a riverbank, adajcent to a stream or creek or along the shore of a body of water.) Areas within a floodplain or within 300 feet of a stream are also good candidates. Areas that are separated from the stream by a road, structure, storm water pond or other man-made features are not suitable for riparian plantings. To learn more, email bkc@battenkillconservancy.org. Supplies are limited.


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