Businesses Enthusiastic about New Composting Facility

Businesses Enthusiastic about New Composting Facility

Businesses Enthusiastic about New Composting Facility

According to the Vermont Agency of Natural Resources, Vermont currently recycles only 36 percent of its waste, while over half of the remaining 64 percent is also recyclable. Food waste is the #1 component of municipal garbage. TAM Organics new commercial composting facility in Bennington, Vt., is doing something about it, and already has some happy customers, who say they are pleased to be pioneering a project that will improve Vermont’s environment and reduce global warming.

Matthew Proft of East Dorset was recently hired to coordinate the TAM Organics operation, from sales and marketing through production and product development.  Proft has been involved in composting systems and organic agriculture in Vermont for over 30 years. Proft started Someday Farm with his family in the early 80s, and is recognized as one of a handful of pioneers in Vermont’s diversified family farm movement. Since then he has helped raise vegetables, turkeys, chicken, pheasant, eggs, syrup and honey, as well as five children.

Proft states, “To maintain an organic approach to our farming practices, we undertook an extensive on-farm compost production program and it quickly became the foundation of fertility generation on the farm.  Our compost operation grew and became a revenue generator as surplus compost was produced and quickly sold out each spring. I am eager to make a high quality product at TAM Organics and look forward to offering this to the community in the 2014 growing season.”

More information about the composting at the facility and a slide show can be found at Tam Organics  welcomes calls about the project at 802-447-1300 or by email from the website.


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