BVHC Announces New Officers

BVHC Announces New Officers

BVHC Announces New Officers

Battenkill Valley Health Center (BVHC) has announced the election of new officers to the Executive Committee of its Board of Directors; terms began July 1. They are: Dr. Brian Cunningham, chair; Lynn Williams, vice-chair; Lee Spivey, treasurer; and Denise Colety, secretary. As a federally-qualified health center, BVHC is required to have at least 51 percent of its board members as active patients so that the leadership reflects the interests, issues and concerns of the people BVHC serves. Dr. Cunningham shared, “As chairman of the Battenkill Valley Health Center Board, I enjoy the support and advice of fellow board members who are nurses, educators, accountants, lawyers, entrepreneurs and practicing physicians. These board members are chosen from surrounding areas for their commitment and specific expertise that allow the Board, at its monthly meetings, to provide leadership, vision and long-term planning for BVHC.”

Since joining the Board in 2015, Cunningham has served as chair of the Clinical Practice Committee and has been a member of the Finance Committee. At the Board’s annual meeting, the resignation of George Carpenter, an eight-year veteran Board member, was regretfully accepted. “During my time on this board, I have been impressed with the quality and commitment of the board and staff. It has been a positive learning experience and has presented me with the opportunity to meet some wonderful people,” Carpenter reflected in a letter to the Board. He and his wife, Pat, are relocating to be closer to their children and grandchildren. “During his long service to BVHC and the Arlington community, George exemplified the consistent dedication, foresight, and sound judgment that has allowed BVHC to develop and thrive.

The Board is grateful for his experience, commitment and good humor. We wish George and Pat every happiness in their retirement,” Cunningham stated on behalf of the Board. Rounding out members of the Board are: MaryAnn Carlson, Carol Kirkland; William Jerome, Dr. Peter King; and Janet Nolan. The leadership structure of BVHC reorganized in late January when the Board announced Dr. Anje Van Berckelaer and Ms. Kayla Davis as co-directors. Since then, the team has been leading the staff at BVHC. “Their experience and administrative skills have been critical in establishing new programs in mental health care and seeing the complete dental practice through its first year. The Board has every confidence that Anje and Kayla will continue to incorporate the best current practices in medicine and dentistry with the personalized care for each patient we all cherish,” said Cunningham. “While the Board is here to guide and assist, it is the dedicated employees of BVHC, many of whom are long time Arlington residents, who daily make this such a wonderful community resource for primary and preventive care.”Battenkill Valley Health Center’s mission is to provide accessible, quality health care to those who need it, especially the underserved and under-insured. The Center provides primary and preventive family medicine, general dentistry, counseling services, substance abuse counseling, nurse case management and nutritional counseling services. In 2017, the Center saw 2,305 people who generated over 6,500 visits. Visit for further information.


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