Cambridge Author to Show Portrait Photography

Cambridge Author to Show Portrait Photography

Cambridge Author to Show Portrait Photography

Author and photographer Jon Katz is having his first portrait show, showcased at The Roundhouse Bakery Café, 1 Washington Street, Cambridge, N.Y. Katz, a resident of Cambridge, has written 29 books. His next, ‘Talking To Animals’ will be published in May of 2017. He says, “A portrait is a challenge to the photographer to capture a bit of someone’s soul. That is hard to do. I went looking for the people who make up Cambridge and its special sense of community. People I liked, people who worked hard and make life possible here. The politicians and economists have largely abandoned rural communities in favor of the new global economy; these remarkable faces need to be seen. The people left behind are making their own community. I felt increasingly connected to Cambridge, a very vibrant place in its way, and I learned a lot about taking portraits of people … dairy farmers, farm workers, a popular beautician, a weekend pizza maker, an angel at a farm stand, a massage therapist, an engineer and carpenter, a goat lover and animal rescuer, a hardware store woman, a grandmother and her granddaughter, a brilliant photographer and UFO investigator, a brush hogger, a beloved local pharmacist, and others who make up the rich tapestry of this town. It is an intimate thing, taking someone’s portrait. I came to love all of them. I thank those who eagerly participated.”

The opening reception is from 2 to 4 p.m. on Sunday, September 18. The show will be on view through October. For information, call  518-677-2233 or visit


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