CBC Results are in!

CBC Results are in!

CBC Results are in!

Dark-eyed juncos ruled during the 51st Winhall Christmas Bird Count (CBC) on December 30. A record 527 juncos were tallied, smashing the old high count of 164 in 1995. Everyone has been commenting about how few birds have been coming to feeders since the fall, especially black-capped chickadees; this was confirmed by a count of 134 individuals, the lowest tally ever in the history of the Winhall count. The highest was 905 in 1989. The next lowest was in 2014, with 303. The average CBC chickadee count for the past nine years has been 483. What’s wrong?

Thirteen intrepid field volunteers traveled 184 miles, and 16 comfortable feeder watchers counted birds within a 15-mile diameter circle with its center just northeast of Winhall. They covered territory, checked feeders and walked back roads from Manchester Depot to the west, Weston to the north, Windham to the east and Jamaica to the south. The total number of
species was 27 with 1236 total individuals seen.

To view more complete or historical statistics on the Winhall count circle (or anyone else’s for that matter), go to audubon.org/conservation/join-christmas-bird-count. You can search by Vermont and/or enter the Winhall circle code VTWI. There are 22 CBC count circles in Vermont. Watch  there for new data to be added daily.

These organized bird counts began in 1900; it is the longest-running citizen scientist project in the world, with almost 2000 count circles in North, Central and South America. So far this year, over 30 million birds have been tallied. For details on assisting with next year’s CBC contact Ruth Stewart 802-362-1185 or [email protected]


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