CDC Theatre Arts Students Premiere Original One-Acts

CDC Theatre Arts Students Premiere Original One-Acts

CDC Theatre Arts Students Premiere Original One-Acts

The talented students of the Career Development Center (CDC) Theatre Arts program are proud to premiere their original One-Act Plays on Wednesday and Thursday, January 16 and 17, at Oldcastle Theatre in Bennington. These plays are written and acted by the students themselves and are always popular for their quality and originality.

This year’s plays include ‘Almost Heaven’ by Dray Bourgeois, which features a cryptozoologist who travels to West Virginia to study paranormal creatures; ‘Waiting Room’ by Elizabeth Malinowski, about a couple who meet in the waiting room of a hospital; ‘Amnesia’ by Madison Hopkins, which features a student struggling to regain his memory the day after a brutal attack; ‘The Big 51’ by Carson Gordon, which takes place in a farmer’s field where two young men encounter aliens; ‘Family Reunion’ by Aubrie Osgood, about a couple visited by her parents, not quite his favorites; ‘Broken Control’ by Evan Kozierok, about a student struggling with anger issues; ‘The Park Bench’ by Erica Sholes, about two people who meet in the park; ‘Writer’s Block’ by Gabe Schatz and Preston McLellan, a musical about a writer who gets help from an unexpected and unconventional place; and ‘Convenience of Circumstance’ by Taylor Hewins, where two workers discover romance in a convenience store.

The course is taught by  CDC Theatre Arts instructorTim Foley and Eric Peterson, who is the producing artistic director for Oldcastle Theatre. Foley is also the adviser for the MAUHS Drama Club, and many of the students are active in both. Theater Arts is a comprehensive course that prepares students for a career in theater, the entertainment industry and other careers where public speaking and performing skills are needed. Students study all aspects of the theater, including theater as a business and theater as an art form. Showtimes are 7 p.m. Admission is free, but donations to the Theatre Arts Fund will be accepted. For more information, call 802-447-0220.


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