Converted Airstream to Open as Amy’s on the Road

Converted Airstream to Open as Amy’s on the Road

Converted Airstream to Open as Amy’s on the Road

Amy Chamberlain, award-winning chef and former owner of the Perfect Wife Restaurant and Tavern in Manchester, announces a new venture. Amy’s on the Road will offer breakfast and lunch cooked and served out of a 1968 Airstream Land Yacht that has been refurbished with a state-of-the-art commercial kitchen. The location will be on the grassy lot on Depot Street/Route 11/30, across from the rkMiles lumber yard and next to H&R Block, just west of Exit 4 on Route 7.

“When I closed the Perfect Wife in October 2018 after 23 years in business, it wasn’t because I lost my passion for cooking. I wanted to find a way that I could still be a chef but have more flexibility for my family and lifestyle. This remodeled airstream had been in our community looking for an opportunity, and I had a vision to bring it to life.”

Amy’s on the Road is a partnership between Chamberlain and Gary Walker, who was the chef at the Barrows House in Dorset for ten years. A few months ago, Walker had heard that Chamberlain was thinking about opening an airstream food truck café and called her. “I’d been thinking about getting back into the restaurant world after a hiatus of a few years. My desire to change my career was solidified after I’d heard Mick Jagger talk about his passion for touring after his heart surgery. He made sure he was doing what he loved. The idea of collaborating with Amy in a converted Airstream spoke to me, and I had to reach out to see if she’d consider a partner.” Chamberlain loved the idea, and the two set off to make the idea a reality and purchased the Airstream in April.

Amy’s on the Road will offer fresh food fast between 7 a.m. and 2 p.m., Monday through Saturday. “The menu items will be easy-to-eat, delicious and nutritious,” says Chamberlain, who adds that there will be unique ethnic and vegetarian options every day in addition to traditional fare. Build-your-own breakfast sandwiches and daily breakfast bowls will be part of the morning offerings, as will a yogurt and berry parfait featuring Mountain Morning Granola made by Amy’s mother, Linda. The Daily Grinder, Gary’s Patty Melt and Salad in a Jar are examples of the lunch diversity. “There will be a soup of the day, grilled cheese, and one of the Perfect Wife’s most popular offerings, eggplant fries,” says Chamberlain. “I’ve been perfecting a veggie burger recipe using sweet potatoes and black beans, and we will have some sweet treats, too, like carrot cake whoopie pies.” They plan to use only eco-friendly to-go packaging and will encourage customers to recycle and reuse.

The name Amy’s on the Road is a nod to Chamberlain’s wanderlust for going to see live music, travelling the globe and attending her son Duncan’s sports events. “The partnership with Gary and our morning and midday hours will allow me to do more of all the things I love. If I’m not at the truck on a certain day, I’m probably “on the road” with Duncan, or at a music festival,” she says. Amy’s on the Road is anticipated to open in June.


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