Discover Team Building with Horses

Discover Team Building with Horses

Discover Team Building with Horses

Berkshire HorseWorks is holding a wine and cheese Open House with an interactive demonstration of ‘Team Building with Horses’ on Tuesday, April 22, from 4:30 to 7 p.m., at the Berkshire Equestrian Center in Richmond, Mass. This event is open to the those who are interested in learning how to team build, augment productivity, develop effective communication and social skills, cultivate empathy and cultural diversity and develop leadership skills through the Eagala Model of Equine Assisted Learning. No riding is involved.

Like humans, horses are social animals. They have distinct personalities and moods. And, like humans, they love to have fun. They are intuitive animals, able to read and mirror the emotions and energy of the people around them. Participants learn about themselves and others by engaging in ground-based activities, gaining awareness that allows for positive change in their lives and  workplaces. For information, visit or contact Hayley at 310-488-9777 or [email protected]


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