Dorset Planning Commission Seeks Input

Dorset Planning Commission Seeks Input

Dorset Planning Commission Seeks Input

In an effort to engage the public in the early stages of project planning, the Dorset Planning Commission invites residents to submit ideas for projects designed to foster a community environment that takes into account both the needs of residents and local businesses, along with the value placed by residents and visitors alike on the town’s natural surroundings. Projects ideas should relate to the scope of issues that are contained in the Dorset Town Plan: land use and economy; education; transportation; natural, scenic and historic resources; energy conservation; recreation; agriculture and forestry; wise use of natural resources and efficient use of extractive resources; housing; public facilities and services; and family/child care services.

Dorset residents are asked to submit their ideas in writing, including as much detail as possible, and send them to Tyler Yandow, Dorset Zoning Administrator, no later than October 1, 2016. Submissions may be sent via email to, or hand-delivered to the Zoning Administrator located at the Dorset Town Hall, 112 Mad Tom Road, East Dorset. 


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