Entrepreneurs Wanted

Entrepreneurs Wanted

Entrepreneurs Wanted

Manchester, Vermont’s Incubator 2020 Committee is tasked with creating an environment in the Manchester area that will serve as a catalyst for small or new businesses.  The community and the Incubator 2020 Committee seek to create a climate in which entrepreneurs and independent artists and artisans can be part of a vibrant, place-based network, in a culture fostering growth and success.

What that means, the needs of potential users and community, and how best to go about it are questions to discuss. To refine the vision, the Incubator 2020 Committee is launching a web-based survey open to members of the community.  This survey is a giant step in helping to determine what will be.   The survey will be open  until  October 12.  It can be accessed at surveymonkey.com/s/incubator2020.

For more information about the committee’s work visit incubate2020.wordpress.com.


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