Equinox Village Residents Take on Challenge

Equinox Village Residents Take on Challenge

Equinox Village Residents Take on Challenge

From left, Kylee Ryan of Equinox Village and resident Anne Beck, with Josh Denio and Gretchen Lima of Family Footwear Center.

Equinox Village recently partnered with Family Footwear Center’s Manchester store to encourage Equinox Village residents to be more active during winter by walking indoors. The challenge was created by Equinox Village’s activities coordinator Kylee Ryan and held in January. To make the challenge a bit more fun, Ryan created a game to keep track of the number of hallways walked, motivating residents to do more walking. Upon hearing about the event, Family Footwear Center became a sponsor, providing a gift certificate to the overall winner and by giving discounts on footwear to other active participants. The challenge was so fierce, with 11 residents signing up to compete, that Ryan had to change the game; whoever completed the board the most times within the month was the winner. One resident took this challenge seriously. Anne Beck finished the game 11 times by walking at least 30 minutes a day. Equinox Village would like to thank Family Footwear Center of Manchester for their support.


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