Exhibit in Rockingham Explores Photography as Art

Exhibit in Rockingham Explores Photography as Art

Exhibit in Rockingham Explores Photography as Art

Canal Street Art Gallery’s ‘A Moment in Frame’ photography show opens Friday, February 15, with a reception offering live jazz and refreshments from 5 to 8 p.m. Take part in celebrating with the artists whose works are on view as they share their processes and experiences with photography as a medium of expression.The Gallery is located at 23 Canal Street in downtown Bellows Falls and is open Wednesday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. The exhibit is on view through April 6, and is the Gallery’s second medium-focused group show, exhibiting a diverse and dynamic range of photographic art by photographers from Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and New York. The show recognizes the use of the camera as a tool for human expression and self-examination and offers an opportunity for a deeper understanding and appreciation of photography as an art form.

Among those exhibiting are Harvey Edwards who has won critical acclaim from some of the nation’s leading reviewers. His work has been featured for over three decades in movies, television, commercials and music videos and is in collections of a formidable list of celebrities. Originally recognized for his compelling images of ballet dancers, he now explores the world of art. He has published two books, ‘Fairfax’ and ‘Art of Dance,’ and is currently working on his autobiography.

The camera is seen by Harvey as a tool to focus his perception and concentrate his observations into images. For him, the result evokes an experience – illuminations as opposed to explanations – to create a dialogue between the artist and the viewer. As he states, “For without art in our lives, what is left?”

Exhibitor Karl Jacobson is based in Hubbardston Massachusetts, where he pursues careers as a mechanical engineer and a professional portraiture photographer. His work celebrates the human form in black and white, using light and shadow to abstract the body, while the pose, composition and context of his models create portraits of a sculptural form. His new work is an exploration of white space utilizing limited amounts of color to highlight the graphic qualities of the nude figure.

Jeffrey Spring is a photographer informed by his profession in set design. He has worked with Universal Studios and numerous Broadway productions, as well as with the builders of wooden boats. Spring uses materials such as fiberboard, wood, metal, plastic, paint, varnish and clear-coat fixative to create presentations unique to each photograph, becoming an integral part of the tactile presence of his images. His experience with photography has spanned the breadth of technological changes in the field, from film spools and fixative to his current use of digital tools, modern printing and materials. His photographs find a visual continuity, proportion, and balance, through his process of deconstructing a subject’s color and texture.

Canal Street Art Gallery was founded in 2017 by three artists who saw a need for a central, active location for creating and sharing art in Rockingham. The Gallery represents and exhibits contemporary artists in all styles and mediums, and offers an open space where all creative voices may be heard in an effort to promote southern Vermont artists.

For more information, go to canalstreetartgallery.com or call 802-289-0104.


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