Feast of Venus Event to Support Hunger Free Vermont

Feast of Venus Event to Support Hunger Free Vermont

Feast of Venus Event to Support Hunger Free Vermont

On Saturday, May 12, Hemholz Fine Art will host the second event of its kind centered on ‘The Feast of Venus,’ a painting by local artist Elizabeth Torak. The painting was inspired by works from the Renaissance period and explores women’s relationship with food and each other. Rather than the idealistic women’s beauty represented in the Renaissance paintings, the women in Torak’s painting represent a beauty that feels authentic and timeless as they build community around the preparation of a meal.

Women are disproportionately impacted by poverty and low wages, especially single mothers and the elderly. “When we talk about food insecurity and hunger in Vermont, we are in large part talking about a women’s issue. More and more we see women shouldering the responsibility for the needs of their households with lower than average wages to make ends meet,” states Hungerfree Vermont. This event brings together women to share local, farm-to-table foods and explore the complex ways that women – across time, income brackets, race, age and cultures – relate to food.

Lisa Hemholz-Adams is gallery owner, soon-to-be board member of Hunger Free Vermont, and a strong supporter of the work the organization does to end hunger and malnutrition in Vermont. “I first learned of Hunger Free Vermont a few years ago at a film screening of the documentary, ‘A Place at the Table.’ I was struck by the message of the film and of Marissa, executive director of Hunger Free Vermont, that while hunger is a serious economic, social and health problem for our nation, it is also completely solvable. I love that Hunger Free Vermont has the solutions and understands the need to bring the community together to create the will to solve this problem – and ‘The Feast of Venus’ painting is such a stunning illustration of what that looks like.” Tickets are limited and can be purchased at eventbrite.com


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