Fisher Elementary School to Stage ‘Pirates: the Musical’

Fisher Elementary School to Stage ‘Pirates: the Musical’

Fisher Elementary School to Stage ‘Pirates: the Musical’

Students at Fisher Elementary School will perform in ‘Pirates: the Musical,’ at 6 p.m. on Tuesday and Wednesday, October 27 and 28, in the Mack Performing Arts Center. Donations will benefit the Arlington Music program.

‘Pirates takes place on a ship filled with colorful characters including Bluebeard (Makayla Towne), Blackbeard (Aaron Johnson), Yellowbeard (Cooper Jennings), Whitebeard (Matthew Kennedy), Purplebeard (Claire Grupe), Redbeard (Colby Bowen), Greenbeard (Nathalia Hoyt) and Brownbeard (Brayden Wilkins) who are led by the ship’s captain, the King of the High C’s (Aiden Moscarello). When a stowaway with a beautiful voice (Sarah Tilley) is found on board during the annual singing competition, it’s up to the King to decide what to do, as he hoists the Jolly Roger and sets sail for a mighty adventure with the Beards and the rest of the cast, also known as the No Beards: Lucas Blay, Lillian Bombria, Kaitlyn Bowen, Erin Brunina, Frankie Crane, Carrie Crawford, Abigail Curtis, Libby Epstein, Rylee Hammond, Aubrie Hawley, Harmony Hill, Hunter Hill-McDermott, Malayna Hoyt, Bella Ingeneri, Alexis Knight, Natalie McCray, Jacob McKee-Gratton, Ali Millette, Kaila Millette, Ella Moses, Katie Moses, JD Redding, Hanna Seeley, Lydia Stevens, Christopher Whalen, Cale Tilley, Taylor Wilkins.

Fisher music and chorus teacher Patti Cody states “This is a funny and cute play, perfect for elementary school performers. Composer John Jacobson is a former teacher of mine. John has so much energy and enthusiasm for his work, and it really shows in his plays.” Cody is assisted by pianist Nyoka Little, stage manager Brian Howe and student volunteers Katie Berger, Rowie Budde, Jamie Keel and Veronica Burgess. For information, contact Cody at or 802-375-6409.


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