Forum to Explore Moving from Chaos to Universal Healthcare

Forum to Explore Moving from Chaos to Universal Healthcare

Forum to Explore Moving from Chaos to Universal Healthcare

How do we go from the chaotic and unaffordable health insurance system in Vermont to actual healthcare for all? Rights and Democracy (RAD) Bennington Chapter will try to answer this question with the help of the community at a public forum from 3 to 5 p.m. on Sunday, June 25, at the Vermont Veterans’ Home in Bennington. Admission is free and light refreshments will be served. This forum is a follow-up to the Healthcare Rally held in May.

“It seems as though most of our community knows that Vermont Health Connect, the health insurance system in our State, doesn’t work well. Even people that buy insurance through that system can’t afford to get the care they need. In Vermont’s healthcare reform law, the real goal all along was health care for all, not health insurance for all,” said Charlie Murphy of Bennington’s Vermont Center for Independent Living.   A panel of community members, including Dr. Dick Dundas of the Bennington Free Clinic, will try to provide information about Universal Care and answer questions. “We should each be able to exercise our right to healthcare,” said Dundas, “and it should not depend upon whether we can afford premiums, deductibles and copays.”

Panel members will give a glimpse of the history of the Healthcare Is a Human Right movement in Vermont, and what healthcare for all would look like in. RAD is affiliated with Our Revolution, a national partner, and has chapters throughout Vermont and New Hampshire. For details, contact Dick Dundas at 802-447-3700 or [email protected]


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