Geologist to Discuss 700 Million Years of Local History

Geologist to Discuss 700 Million Years of Local History

Geologist to Discuss 700 Million Years of Local History

The Slate Valley Museum (SVM) will host Helen Mango, professor of Geology and Chemistry at Castleton University, for ‘A Billion Years and Three Mountain-Building Events: a History of Northeast Geology,’ on Wednesday, May 17, at 6 p.m. The Slate Belt of Vermont and New York is part of the Appalachian mountain chain, and illustrates one chapter of a long, complicated and very interesting geologic story. This presentation will attempt to walk through about 700 million years of geologic history, to understand how the rocks we see today tell us about two billion years of plate tectonic action. In this talk, Mango will guide visitors through 700 million years of that history, describing the formation of the Adirondacks, the Green Mountains, the Taconics, and how they all fit together.

“This geologic history is incredibly relevant to the stories we tell at the museum,” notes SVM Executive Director Krista Rupe. “The slate here formed as a result of plate tectonics. The broader geologic history that Helen will share provides a great context for our visitors to understand the forces that helped shape our region.” The cost to attend the lecture is $5, which also includes admission to visit and explore the museum. SVM members may attend for free. The Slate Valley Museum is located at 17 Water Street, Granville, N.Y. For information, visit the website at or call 518-642-1417.


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