GNAT-TV Presents Greenblot with Annual Award

GNAT-TV Presents Greenblot with Annual Award

GNAT-TV Presents Greenblot with Annual Award

Greater Northshire Access Television (GNAT-TV) awarded Elliott Greenblott, AARP Vermont Fraud Watch coordinator, its annual GNATTY Award last week at their Volunteer Appreciation event. Greenblott received the Award for exceptional volunteerism for his regular series, Mr. Scammer. GNAT-TV and Elliott produced 15 shows and 17 special scam alerts to provide specific information about the latest financial and identity scams. On the show, viewers hear from experts on a variety of topics such as identity theft, investment fraud and internet fraud.

Tammie Reilly GNAT-TV executive director states, “We are thankful to Kevin Moran from New England Newspapers for connecting Elliott and GNAT-TV. The partnership with Elliot and the AARP Fraud Watch network meets GNAT-TV’s mission to provide essential information to the public. Elliott provides practical and effective solutions with a little bit of wit. His dedication to co-producing the show and to serving the public is invaluable.”

“As a college student in the 1960s, I was introduced to the writings of Canadian philosopher Marshall McLuhan,” said Greenblot. “I read his work and attended a couple of his lectures around the time he wrote ‘The Medium is the Message.’ The power of media cannot be overstated, and the reality is that GNAT-TV has given me a powerful tool in my campaign to bring the message to a wider audience.”

Mr. Scammer airs at 8 p.m. on Thursdays and 8 a.m.  on Saturdays on Channel 15 in Manchester and the surrounding towns, and on Channel 8 in Stratton, Weston and Londonderry. Mr. Scammer and GNAT-TV’s other local programming can also be viewed online at


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