GNAT-TV Produces Video Series on Area Opioid Crisis

GNAT-TV Produces Video Series on Area Opioid Crisis

GNAT-TV Produces Video Series on Area Opioid Crisis

A new video series on GNAT-TV that explores the opioid crisis in our region begins with testimonials from people who have been affected by opioid use. Interviews  include family members, addicts, recovering users and members of the medical community. The series came to fruition when GNAT’s news director Andrew McKeever and Vermont Representative Linda Joy Sullivan spoke about the opioid crisis gripping our state and country. McKeever was introduced to local citizens who are members of FED UP!, a nationwide coalition of groups and organizations attempting to pressure the federal government into taking a more active stand and appropriate funds for fighting the national epidemic.

“One of our initial goals with The News Project was to explore issues impacting our region, said Tammie Reilly, GNAT executive director. “The hope is that GNAT provides a platform for community members to engage in dialogue on issues important to them.” GNAT will continue to offer programs and segments, which explore the costs and consequences of addiction to heroin and other opioids in coming months. To submit ideas or comments, send an email to

‘The Frontlines of Opioids’ airs daily at 6:30 p.m. on GNAT channels 15 and 8 through the month of April. All GNAT programs may also be viewed online at


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