Halloween Can Be Spooky for Pets

Halloween Can Be Spooky for Pets

Halloween Can Be Spooky for Pets

Halloween is a holiday with many dangers for our dogs and cats.

Costumes on people can be scary; it’s not unusual for pets to act protectively or fearful. Constant visitors to the door, along with spooky sights and sounds, may cause pets to escape and become injured in a variety of ways. Consider letting your dog spend Halloween inside with special treats, safe and secure. Even in a fenced yard, Halloween is not a good night for a dog to be outside. This is doubly true for cats: they are more at risk for being hit by cars due to the high traffic from trick or treaters. Consider keeping your cats in an interior room where they are unable to bolt out the door.

Halloween decorations can be unsafe for your pets, too. Fake cobwebs can lead to intestinal obstruction. Candles can be easily knocked over, burning your pet or even causing a fire. Keep pets away from all Halloween candy. These simple responsible precautions will help humans and pets alike have a safe holiday. For more information on how to make Halloween less stressful to your pet, contact your veterinarian, or visit vtvets.org.


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