Helmholz Show Extended

Helmholz Show Extended

Helmholz Show Extended

Rita Dee’s life-size horse sculptures complement Lisa Cueman’s large-scale photographs.

Rita Dee’s life-size horse sculptures complement Lisa Cueman’s large-scale photographs.

‘The Untamed Horse: A Collaborative Exhibition,’ has been extended until Tuesday, August 16, due to overwhelming response. The show, on view at Helmholz Fine Art in Manchester, is the largest installation to this date offering Lisa Cueman’s large-scale photographs of wild horses off the coast of the Carolinas and Rita Dee’s life-size horse sculptures made of driftwood, inspired by Lisa’s work in the Outer Banks. Helmholz Fine Art is located at 442 Depot Street, Manchester Center. To take a peek at the talent online, visit helmholzfineart.com. Call 802-855-1678 for more information.


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