I Matter You Matter: A Day to Make a Difference to Someone

I Matter You Matter: A Day to Make a Difference to Someone

I Matter You Matter: A Day to Make a Difference to Someone


Above: Manchester Town Manager, John O’Keefe and Dorset Town Manager Rob Gialloti present proclamations from their Town Select Boards naming March 28 as Worldwide ‘I Matter, You Matter Day,’ to Christal Siewertsen, Scout Proft, Salley Gibney, Jay Venable and Pat Fry of the You Are Never Alone Foundation.

You Are Never Alone Foundation invites everyone to celebrate the fifth annual Worldwide ‘I Matter, You Matter’ Day on Monday, March 28. This is a day to remember that each one of us matters! Take a moment to remind yourself you matter – then tell your family, friends, co-workers and someone you may not know – that they matter, with a smile, a
wave, a hug, a card, a text, an email or a Caring Coin, available at yanaf.org to print, cut, sign and share.
The first Celebration in 2012 was at Friendly’s in Manchester, when local families and schools shared the message with family and friends. Over 6,000 invitations were shared through Facebook around the world. Last year Joseph Wooten of the Steve Miller Band joined YANAF in celebrating  ‘I Matter, You Matter’  Day which led to the ‘I Matter, You Matter’  Caring Blankets for the Homeless. Over 17,430 people here in the US, England, Italy, Spain, Bangladesh, Nepal, Korea, Egypt, Australia, New Zealand, India and places we don’t even know about also joined in the celebration. This year, even more are expected to participate.
‘I Matter, You Matter’ ’ begins with you and me. YANAF is a non-profit, non-denominational organization that inspires caring  connections and hope in our community and the greater world. Our Vermont-crafted wooden Caring Coins are tangible reminders of a caring connection and the hope that comes with each caring connection we make.


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