In Dialogue at stART Space

In Dialogue at stART Space

In Dialogue at stART Space

stART Space invites the public to a dialogue, art tour and reception with art critic B Amore and artists Gregory Smith and Michael Watson. Amore recently wrote a review of an exhibition connecting the artworks of Smith and Watson curated by Michael and Carolina Ellenbogen, which was published in the magazine, Art New England. Join Amore for a dialogue with the artists and curators on Saturday, May 4, from 5 to 6:30 p.m. The show runs through May 11.

Amore’s review on ‘Positive, Negative and Intertwining Spaces’ appears in the magazine’s March/April 2019 issue. She writes, “Both sculptors demonstrate a respect for the concept of truth to materials. The essential nature of their chosen medium is clearly present, transformed by the mystical process by which matter becomes art. Their experiments with form and space open our eyes to new ways of seeing sculpture.” B Amore spends her life between Italy and America. Her art and poetry reviews are published in Sculpture magazine, Art New England, the Rutland Herald/Times Argus and VIA.

Watson is a multidisciplinary artist who engages primarily with found objects, recycled materials and organic detritus to produce process-based abstractions and installations. He explores the space between being, substance and imperceptibility using materials and objects as a substitute for the body.

Smith’s steel and copper sculptures are at once both whimsical and serious, reserved yet resonant. His use of line creates a sense of solidity while letting the space breathe, setting up a dialogue between the line and the negative space, and his use and application of color give an added sense of depth and dimension.

stART Space is located at 263 Depot Street in the Manchester Shopping Center. To learn more, visit, email [email protected] or call 802-768-8498.


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