Internet Startup Seeks to Promote Healthy Lifestyles

Internet Startup Seeks to Promote Healthy Lifestyles

Internet Startup Seeks to Promote Healthy Lifestyles

From left, Stacy Musial, Sue Musial Bigelow and Sandy Musial want to help people make sustainable lifestyle changes.

An internet startup has launched a web-based platform, Health Coach Connect, to help people interested in making sustainable lifestyle changes connect with professional health coaches of varying specialties. Health Coach Connect offers free initial assessments and consultations to match clients with an individual health coach. Six month packages include regularly scheduled video chat sessions, individualized health goals and plan, wellness assessment and text messaging support throughout the week. A mobile app provides secure communication, activity and food tracking, and other interactive tools. Health Coach Connect solves many of the issues that confront people seeking health coaches today. It is difficult to find highly qualified health coaches in specialties such as autoimmune diseases, cancer, depression or nutrition/weight-loss, and the cost of health coaching is highly variable. By creating an online marketplace for qualified health coaches nationwide and setting uniform prices for services, Health Coach Connect solves these issues.

“Average US life expectancy recently fell for the first time since 1999, and we know that lifestyle is responsible for many health issues and premature deaths,” said Stacy Musial, co-founder of Health Coach Connect and a licensed psychotherapist. “Health Coach Connect can help increase human life spans with one-to-one personalized health coaching that leads to profound lifestyle changes.”

For instance, with coaching and dietary changes: the risk of heart attack can be lowered in only three weeks; angina and leg pain can disappear in less than a year; blood flow to clogged arteries can be fully restored within a few years; smoking cessation can cut the risk of coronary heart disease to half that of a smoker’s in one year; symptoms of autoimmune diseases can decrease in just a few months; stress can be managed and lowered; weight loss can happen as a side effect without counting calories; and the risk of cancer is reduced.

Health Coach Connect was founded by three women from the same family, two sisters and their niece – Stacy Musial, a psychotherapist, Sue Musial Bigelow, a respiratory therapist, and Sandy Musial, a pediatrician. Anyone can sign up for a free health history by going to They can also be reached via email at


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