Is It Ten Yet?

Is It Ten Yet?

Is It Ten Yet?

Is it Ten YetBetsy Bleakie, Executive Director of the Mark Skinner Library in Manchester was getting ready to begin the day last week, when she looked out her window to a perfect photo opportunity! Sitting on a bench outside was this this cute pair, waiting for the library to open.

This grandfather and his obviously adoring grandson were in the area on a visit, and had spent the previous day, a rainy one, enjoying the library’s play area and reading lots of books. They came back the following morning a little ahead of the library’s scheduled hours, and whiled away the time re-reading some favorites before they returned them.

Rain or shine, the library is a great place to spend some time! Mark Skinner Library is open Tuesday and Thursday, 10 to 6, Wednesday, 10 to 8, and Friday and Saturday 10 to 4. For more information, call
802-362-2607 or visit


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