Israeli Veteran to Share Reflections

Israeli Veteran to Share Reflections

Israeli Veteran to Share Reflections

Israel Congregation of Manchester (ICM) celebrates Israel’s 70th birthday on Friday, April 20, with a Shabbat service and special presentation by Dr. Yossie Riemer, an Israeli combat veteran and former infantry reservist. A native Israeli, Riemer grew up with the fledgling state which was founded in 1948. He was a young Israeli Defense Force (IDF) soldier in the 1967 Six Day War, fighting in the Golani Brigade in the Battle of Tel Faher on the Golan Heights. Wounded in battle, he spent months in rehabilitation before pursuing his undergraduate degree in food technology at the Israel Institute of Technology, followed by a PhD from MIT in Boston. In 1977, he returned to Israel with his degrees and his American girlfriend, who later became his wife. Despite his wounded war veteran status, he volunteered to continue serving in the IDF infantry reserves.

Dr. Riemer’s close relationships with past military heroes and current Israeli policymakers inform his narrative. While his experiences are unique to Israelis, his more recent years living in America have given him an insider’s perspective on Israel through both lenses: looking back at his country’s struggle for survival as a new state and looking forward to its future as a thriving democracy and start-up nation whose innovations are transforming our world.

“We’re thrilled that Yossie has agreed to share his unique first-hand experiences and observations with us on this joyous occasion,” states Cantor Scott Buckner, ICM’s new religious leader. “As American Jews, we’re excited to honor the Israeli nation’s past, present and future with a festive evening, capped off by a well-deserved birthday cake.”

The public is invited to hear Yossie Riemer speak during ICM’s music-filled Friday night service. Everyone is welcome to enjoy dinner afterwards, adding dairy items to the buffet table. ICM is located at 6025 Main Street/Route 7A north in Manchester. For more information, call 802-362-4578.


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