It’s a Work in Progress

It’s a Work in Progress

It’s a Work in Progress

Bennington Museum presents one of Rockwell’s wall drawings as an in-process work of art. What began on September 4 is continuing over the course of the next month or so, taking however long it takes for Rockwell’s work to culminate in a finalized wall drawing.  This process is taking place in the museum’s John T. Harrison, Jr. Orientation Hall located on the first floor. The artist will be present, working and interacting with visitors, most weekdays from 10 to 12, and from 3 to 5.

Jarvis Rockwell has led an impressive 60-plus-year career as an artist, creating work in a wide range of media and techniques. In recent years, he has been absorbed with the creation of wall drawings, images drawn directly on walls or, as in the work being done at the Bennington Museum, panels that approximate the surface of a wall. In his wall drawings, he builds on the language of geometric abstraction, starting by incorporating the figurative elements such as plastic toys, rhinestones and ‘googly’ eyes.  From this structural framework, the artist visualizes and creates the elements’ interconnection using more traditional materials such as graphite and colored pencils.

The Bennington Museum is located at 75 Main Street (Route 9), in Benninton, Vt. Visit or call 802-447-1571 for more information.


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