Kids’ Summer Lunch Program Asks for Contributions

Kids’ Summer Lunch Program Asks for Contributions

Kids’ Summer Lunch Program Asks for Contributions

The Kids Summer Lunch Program needs your help. During the academic school year, increasing numbers of children receive free or reduced breakfast and lunch through federally-funded school programs.The need for nutritious food for children does not go away when school ends. For the past 10 years our community has chosen to continue to provide healthy lunches to these children during the 11 weeks of summer vacation. The number of students eligible for free/reduced price lunch meals in the Northshire has increased in recent years by over 25 percent.Rising food prices has created an alarming trend of inadequate nutrition for the children in our towns.

We know how important good nutrition is in changing the cycle of poor performance in school, and in addition, hungry children are more prone to illness. We also know that children worried about where their next meal is coming from are not focusing on the healthy activities that create confident and happy children.Nobody wants to imagine a child being concerned about food, but the reality exists right here in our backyard.

Volunteers for the Kids Summer Lunch program do everything they can to keep the food costs as low as possible. They shop in bulk, purchase discounted milk and bread and receive discounts on fresh produce. Purchasing the food, planning, administrative and managerial duties are all done through the efforts of over 25 volunteers who are proud to be part of a locally sustainable effort to serve the needs of our neighbors; you are invited to be a part of it.

All of the money raised goes directly to feed our children; $13 will feed a child for one week; $130 will feed a child for the entire summer; $1,300 will feed ten children for the summer. Your donation is fully tax deductible. Check made payable to ‘Kids Summer Lunch/Interfaith Council’ can be sent to Kids

Summer Lunch, c/o United Church of Dorset, PO Box 263, Dorset, VT 05251. For more information contact Karen Allen at


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