Learning at Hildene

Learning at Hildene

Learning at Hildene

Education programs at Hildene focus on history, agriculture and natural science. Learning takes place in environments that include the family’s home and gardens, Hildene Farm, Pullman car, Sunbeam, the 1832 Hollow School, wetlands, streams and ponds. These venues provide the backdrop for experiential learning that includes topics as varied as the life cycle and migration of the Monarch butterfly; the history and behavior of Vermont’s wild turkey; a typical day in a classroom 150 years ago; or learning how Lincoln, the innovator, revolutionized the use of the telegraph. These interactive learning experiences represent a sampling of the many programs being offered this year.

In ‘Wetlands are Working Lands,’ students in grades 3 through 5 investigate the indispensable properties and functions of these unique habitats from a new floating boardwalk. Hildene’s 1903 Pullman car provides the setting for‘Pullman Porters: Unsung Heroes,’ for grades 5 and 6. Students discover the critical role that porters played in giving rise to America’s black middle class; role-play what it was like to travel and work on a Pullman; learn a civil rights song; construct a timeline of the milestones in the African American civil rights movement; and visit the mansion where Robert Lincoln conducted business in Vermont.

For a complete listing of school programs, visit hildene.org, or contact education director Diane Newton at 802-367-7965 or [email protected]


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