Local Company Stays Local

Local Company Stays Local

Local Company Stays Local

As Battenkill Brittle completes its third year on the market, owner and founder, Leslie Kielson has decided to turn down numerous offers from distributors as far afield as California and Arizona.

In the summer of 2010, Kielson began marketing an energy bar made from organic seeds and natural sweeteners; three years later, Battenkill Brittle is in over 60 stores and colleges.

Kielson does ship to some stores in New York, Massachusetts and Connecticut; she harvests cardboard boxes and packing materials from local stores to reduce the amount of new materials in shipping and packaging.

“Recently I have had some offers from distributors on the west coast,” Kielson said.  “As someone who is very concerned about the devastating impacts of climate change, I did not want to contribute to it by shipping my products on a large scale all the way across the country.
The offers from these distributors helped me to clarify my commitment to operating as low-impact as possible, and lead me to decide to limit the amount that I ship.

There are so many important reasons for us all to eat locally produced products, not the least of which is lessening our impact on the environment.”

Kielson tries wherever possible to source her ingredients either locally or from the U.S., in a few instances paying considerably more. “There are so many small and large ways to contribute to the protection of our planet,” she remarks. “Producing healthy food is really important to me, but I want to do it in an environmentally conscious way.”

For more information about Battenkill Brittle, see battenkillbrittle.com.