Local History as Seen Through Susan B. Anthony’s Eyes

Local History as Seen Through Susan B. Anthony’s Eyes

Local History as Seen Through Susan B. Anthony’s Eyes


On Saturday, November 18, the Slate Valley Museum will host an informative and engaging lecture at 11 a.m. from area historian, Debi Craig. The lecture, ‘Through Susan’s Eyes: Susan Brownell Anthony’s Childhood in Washington County,’ serves to commemorate the 100th anniversary of voting rights as granted to women in New York state during 1917. At that time, rights were also as granted in Indiana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio and Rhode Island as a result of the Women’s Suffrage Movement of the early 1910s, led by the impassioned Susan B. Anthony. Attendance is free with $5 museum admission.

Craig, a retired music teacher and local historian, notes that many people are unaware of Anthony’s ties to the region. She moved to Battenville in the Town of Greenwich in Washington County, N.Y., in 1826 when she was six, and didn’t move again until she was in her mid-20s. She lived and even taught here throughout her formative years, during which time many of her ideas about women’s rights were developed. Craig’s lecture will explore local sites directly related to the development of her foundational suffragist beliefs.

Craig is a preeminent expert on all things related to local history. A life-long resident of Washington County, she is vice president of the Washington County Historical Society and event coordinator for the Washington County History Fair. She is also president and co-founder of the NorthStar Historical Project, which promotes the local history of the Underground Railroad, and a member of the Greenwhich-Easton Historical Association and the Hebron Preservation Society.

The Slate Valley Museum is located at 17 Water Street in Granville, N.Y. For more information, visit slatevalleymuseum.org or call 518-642-1417.


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