‘Meet the Maker’

‘Meet the Maker’

‘Meet the Maker’

Artmaker Farm in Manchester will hold a free ‘Meet the Maker ‘speaker series starting August 17 and going through November 9, featuring a different area artist at 6:30 p.m. each Wednesday. Artmaker Farm was once the summer retreat of famed local landscape artist Luigi Lucioni. Owner/operator Beth Whitaker, explains: “Luigi’s studio in the main room of the circa 1800 barn has a unique and personal story all its own, so it felt natural to host the speaker series there. As an artist and art instructor, I’m always interested to hear the stories of how creative people find the way to express themselves artistically.”

Whitaker hopes to highlight the creative process in a variety of creative disciplines, believing that creativity in everyone is just an inspiration away. “This area is rich with fine artists, and I would like to have many of them present in the series, but I also believe other creative arts are just as exciting. Several of the speakers are familiar neighbors, so it will be fascinating to hear their stories and get to know them better.”

The speakers scheduled to date include painter Ken Rush, glass blower Andrew Weill, interior designer Mary Jo Gourd, photographer Lori Simon, landscape designer Liz Miller, photographer Eric Neilsen, cake decorator Jenica McEvoy, sign maker Chip Edson, potter Jessica Phillips, graphic designer Tricia Weill and jewelry makers Jason and Renee Fishner.

Free and limited to 20 by reservation only, the first presentation by painter Ken Rush is now open for online registration at picatic.com/meetthemaker-kenrush. Future speaker dates will be listed ten days prior to the event. Alternatively, you may call Whitaker at 917-992-3786 and leave a message with your name and phone number; she will call back to confirm your registration.


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