Metal Sculpture at stART Space

Metal Sculpture at stART Space

Metal Sculpture at stART Space

On Saturday, August 25, from 5 to 7 p.m., at stART Space at 263 Depot Street in Manchester welcomes Art Guide’s 2018 ‘Artist-to-Watch’ Rodrigo Nava, who teaches figure drawing and sculpture at Putney School, known for its arts curriculum. He grew up just outside of Mexico City where, as he likes to say, “You couldn’t kick the soil without finding an archaeological object.” This inspired a love of the object as artifact. “They gain their experience and then they just are,” he says. For the past decade, Nava has worked on a series of sculptures made of welded sheet metal – geometric forms from which he creates expanded forms through a controlled explosive process. Nava has received several high-profile commissions. One of them, commissioned through the public art program at a planned community at the abandoned Denver airport in Colorado, is composed of three distinct groupings of sculptures. Miniature scaled models of the project will be on view.

stART Space’s Summer Show will run through September 1. Visit or call 802-768-8498 to learn more.


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