MMF Receives Major Capital Gift

MMF Receives Major Capital Gift

MMF Receives Major Capital Gift

To further support and enhance the long-term success of the Manchester Music Festival (MMF), the James H. and Irene M. Hunter Charitable Trust has awarded the organization a $295,000 capital grant. This capital grant is designed to provide extended long-term support for MMF, primarily to bring additional top-quality artists to the Summer Festival. The investment earnings from MMF’s endowment support a portion of its annual expenses, and this gift will increase that support substantially.

Upon receipt of the gift, MMF artistic director Adam Neiman said, “This remarkable gift positions Manchester Music Festival to move toward the top ranks of American chamber music festivals. As artistic director, I am enormously excited about the opportunity we have been provided to expand our programming potential, deepen our regional and national impact, and propel the festival forward for decades to come.”

A large portion of the new gift, $250,000, is designated as the James and Irene Hunter Fund for Visiting Artists. Funds available from investing this endowment fund, which should be available beginning in 2019 and annually thereafter, are restricted to support professional fees and related expenses such as transportation and housing for guest artists at the Summer Festival. The remaining $45,000 grant can be used for any purpose designated by the MMF Board and should also generate annual support for the Summer Festival. This capital addition could increase to a total of $385,000 with the completion of a $45,000 capital campaign, to be matched by the Hunter Charitable Trust. MMF has begun its campaign call for matching capital donations with the goal to raise the $45,000 needed to earn the match, prior to the beginning of the 2018 Festival in July.

“This generous gift allows us to continue to attract top talent from around the globe. The caliber of our concerts continues to grow and we couldn’t be prouder of the work that our artistic director, Adam Neiman, has put in over the past two seasons,” said MMF president Peggie Telscher. “This kind of support for the arts and chamber music is critical in both its preservation and evolution and we are so honored to be the recipients of such a significant grant.”

Manchester Music Festival is a nonprofit organization that offers top classical music performance and music education to engage the public and encourage the enjoyment of this art form. Its programming is centered around its five-week summer festival which welcomes guest artists from around the world to perform on Thursday and Saturday evenings. On Sundays, concerts from MMF’s vigorous Young Artists Program showcase talented new musicians who are in-residence throughout the summer and receive private coaching from faculty. More information is available at the website,


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