Multi-Media Dessert Event in Salem

Multi-Media Dessert Event in Salem

Multi-Media Dessert Event in Salem

Fort Salem Theater will be joining Gardenworks Farm at 1055 Route 30 in Salem, N.Y., at 7 p.m. on Saturday, September 22, to produce their final collaborative event of the season: ‘Cheese, Chocolate, Wine, Woman and Song,’ a multi-media dessert event featuring films about three local businesses as they go about their tasks of creating their consummable products, accompanied by the tasty cabaret song stylings of Fort Salem’s Lynne Kerr. Single tickets are priced at $40; couples are $75. Seating is limited. Advance reservations must be made by calling Fort Salem Theater at 518-854-9200. After each film, Meg and Rob Southerland, owners of Gardenworks, will serve ample samplings of the products profiled in the films.

Learn about the cheesemakers at Consider Bardwell Farm in Pawlet as they make two different types of cheese – from milk to aged wheel. Founded by spouses Angela Miller and Russell Glover, Consider Bardwell has been making award-winning cheeses since 2004.

Steininger’s Cafe in Salem was founded as an homage to Frieda Steininger by her daughter Constance Carrol, and Carrol’s son, Xavier, in 1989. Xavier, now sole proprietor, crafts artisan chocolates that have sold internationally. He describes usurping his grandmother’s surname as his own to carry on the Steininger lineage and shows how to make one of her favorite confections, chocolate truffles.

Gerry and Mary Barnhart starting dabbling in winemaking in 2008 at Victory View Vineyard in Schaghticoke, N.Y., bottling their first wine in 2013. They have taken gold, silver, and bronze medals in regional competitions ever since. One film about Victory View will feature a tour of the grounds and show some winemaking; another will describe the wines currently available.


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