Music on the Village Green

Music on the Village Green

Music on the Village Green

Thoughts on a Vermont  summer tradition in ‘Roundabout

Thoughts on a Vermont summer tradition in ‘Roundabout

One of the greatest pleasures of summer in Vermont is the myriad of musical events you can attend, free of charge, on village town greens all over Vermont. Closest to my heart — and geographical location — are the Tuesday Concerts on the Green in Manchester, spearheaded by Manchester and the Mountains Regional Chamber of Commerce.

Lee Krohn, Planning Director for the Town of Manchester, and who sent me the cover photo this week, recently shared a little history on the Green, which was the site of Manchester Motors, saying, “Part of what we always envisioned was a place of public gathering and celebration, including, hopefully (at that time), a summer concert series. Various business sponsors have helped cover costs over time, and it has been a very successful series.” The conversion, a multi-year project with the Conservation Commission, was completed in the mid’90’s.

In Manchester, there are three more concerts scheduled before the series ends. ‘The Buskers’ appear next Tuesday, August 13, and ‘Sullivan & White’ perform August 20, and on August 27, ‘The Battenkillers’ will be presenting the Rolling Stones’ album, ‘Exile on Main Street’ in its entirety. What a great way to wrap up the season!

Plop down in the grass or bring a few chairs, pack a picnic or grab some take out from one of the nearby restaurants. The green is atop a grassy knoll dotted with trees; when the bands aren’t playing, you can hear the rush of the Battenkill as it tumbles over the Mill Dam. It’s fun to watch the kids dance and run around with such ruthless joy, and interesting to note that there are a lot of rock-and-rollers of a certain age; apparently, I’m not the only one who refuses to ‘grow up.’

There are many other concerts on many other village greens, including ones in Castleton, Cavendish and Weston. Whichever one you have a chance to enjoy, be sure to thank the people and organizations who sponsor events like these. They make our lives just a little sweeter with their generosity.

I look forward to sharing my discoveries with you as VNG’s new Editor. If you know of a unique experience, an interesting place or a local personality, I hope you will share it with me at [email protected]