‘No Limits’ Benefit Ride

‘No Limits’ Benefit Ride

‘No Limits’ Benefit Ride

It is time to sign up for the Bart Center ‘No Limits’ bike ride. The scenic rides vary in length, from 9 miles to 100 miles. The 9-mile ride great for those that do not do a lot of riding, or those that want to bring younger riders along. The event is held on September 14, at Dana Thompson Memorial Park. Participants who do a bit of fundraising and raise $200.00, can get one of the new Bart Center Cycling Jerseys. Make it possible for people with a disability to recognize that they have no limits; they can achieve whatever they set out to do. Test your limits, just like the Bart Center’s motto of ‘The only limits that someone has, are the limits they set themselves’.

There will be lots of good food at the aid stations, and a cook-out after the ride. It’s easy to sign up: go to bikereg.com and register online before September 13, or call 384-4032 for more information.


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