Northshire Bookstore Author Talks: Dogsledding and the CIA

Northshire Bookstore Author Talks: Dogsledding and the CIA

Northshire Bookstore Author Talks: Dogsledding and the CIA


Debbie Clarke Moderow is shown with one of her sled dogs.

Join Northshire Bookstore in Manchester on Friday, February 26, at 7 p.m. for author Debbie Clarke Moderow, who will present her book, ‘Fast Into the Night,’ the captivating memoir of a 47-year-old woman’s attempt to lead her beloved team of huskies on to finish the Iditarod; with less than 200 miles to go, her dogs decided to end the journey. The first failed attempt crushed Moderow’s confidence, but after reconnecting with her dogs she returned and ventured again to Nome, pushing   through injuries, hallucinations, epic storms, flipped sleds and clashing personalities, both human and canine, to prevail. Part adventure, part love story, part inquiry into the mystery of the connection between humans and dogs, ‘Fast into the Night’ is an exquisitely written memoir of someone who puts herself in that place between daring and doubt, and soldiers on. 

On Saturday, February 27, at 7 p.m.,  local author John Hadden will discuss his new book, ‘Conversations With a Masked Man: My Father, the CIA, and Me.’ The book is a series of conversations Hadden had with his father about the older man’s 30-year career as a CIA officer, and how American policy affected the family and the world. Father and son talk about John Senior’s early life as a kid in Manhattan and his training at West Point; Berlin and Vienna in the late 40s and 50s at the height of the Cold War; the follies of the Cuban missile crisis, how he disobeyed orders to bomb Cairo during the Six-Day War, and treacherous office politics in Washington. The story unfolds in dialogue alternating with the writer’s own memories and reflections. What emerges is hilarious, unexpectedly candid and deeply personal.

Northshire Bookstore is located at 4869 Main Street, Manchester Center. Call 802-362-2200 or visit to learn more.


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