Northshire Bookstore Events

Northshire Bookstore Events

Northshire Bookstore Events

Theresa Rebeck, who is in town for her production of ’The Way of the World’ at Dorset  Theatre Festival) will be presenting her new book, “I’m Glad About You” at  Northshire Bookstore on Friday, July 8, at 7 p.m. This love story  follows a young couple who met and fell in love as they were about to leave high school to begin new lives. Ambitious Alison transforms into a rising TV star in New York City, while her first love, Kyle, becomes a  pediatrician in Cincinnati, married to the wrong woman. As their lives inevitably intersect, Alison and Kyle must face each other in the revealing light of their decisions. Rebeck’s plays include ‘Bad Dates,’ ‘Omnium Gatherum’ (a Pulitzer finalist), ‘The Scene’ and ‘Mauritius,’ which won Boston’s prestigious IRNE and Elliot Norton Award and premiered on Broadway in 2007. Rebeck has also won the Peabody, the Writers’ Guild of America Award for Episodic Drama, the Mystery Writers of America’s Edgar Award, the National Theatre Conference Award, and the William Inge New Voices Playwriting Award.

On Saturday, July 9, at 7 p.m., renowned social critic, energy expert and bestselling author James Howard Kunstler will present his new book, ‘The Harrows of Spring,’ a moving and gripping novel that completes the story of the quaint upstate New York  town of Union Grove, thrown into a future world that in many ways resembles the 19th century. In Union Grove, early spring is a challenging season, known as the six weeks want, a time when fresh food is scarce and the winter stores are dwindling. The town is struggling as the Hudson River trade route to Albany has been halted by the local plantation tycoon Stephen Bullock, who has deemed it too resource-intensive and is now striving for self-sufficiency. Meanwhile, after returning from his travels around what is left of  the US, Daniel Earle is intent on resurrecting a newspaper for the community, and  finds an interesting story to cover when representatives of a group of anti-establishment, hyper-liberals known as the Berkshire People’s Republic arrive in the town. The thrilling  conclusion to Kunstler’s beloved ‘World Made by Hand’ series, the book is a powerful, moving tale of insurrection, survival and what it means to be human.

Call 802-362-2200 or visit for information. Northshire Bookstore is located at 4869 Main Street in  Manchester Center.


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